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Spring is the Time for Buying and Selling Residential Property

Image credit: Sell My House Direct Property Auctioneers Spring is well and truly here in South Africa, and we thought we’d look at why this is the best time of the year for buyers and sellers. For house-hunters, it is a good idea to look at residential properties for sale for numerous reasons, such as […]

The Transfer Process in South Africa

Image credit: Mark Moz via Flickr Whether you have bought commercial land for sale, or purchased a little home in the country, in South Africa, the transfer process can seem a little convoluted at times. It generally takes about three months for a property to be transferred and registered, although this is not a hard-and-fast […]

4 Good Reasons Why You Should Purchase and not Rent

  Image credit: Philly Apt Rentals When looking to move, you might look at places for rent or houses on sale. In South Africa, it can sometimes be a tough decision as to whether or not you should rent or buy – there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Many factors may influence a decision to […]

How Property Auctions Work – Before, On, and After the Day

Property Auction South Africa Auctions are an attractive means of selling and buying these days, which we have discussed in a previous article. But the process is quite different to a normal sale and so we advise that buyers fully investigate when looking for a property in auction. Have a look below at what happens […]

Unmissable Opportunity in Euphoria Golf Estate and Hydro, Limpopo

Property Auctioneers Bidders Choice is excited to present property on Euphoria Golf Estate and Hydro in Limpopo province. A total of 362 residential stands will be available for purchase on tender, as well as 6 commercial stands, and 8 bush villas, within which are 64 units. This is a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those looking […]

5 Practical Considerations When Buying Agricultural Properties in South Africa

There is an increasing demand for agricultural properties in South Africa. Those who buy agricultural land do so for completely different reasons to those buying any other kind of property. One of the main considerations and therefore expenses is zoning for that property, particularly if you are buying vacant land that has not yet been […]

The Benefits of Selling and Buying a House on Auction

        These days, more and more people are seeing the value in putting their house on auction rather than up for sale in South Africa. This is not surprising, considering the multiple positive aspects for both sellers and buyers. Here are some of the benefits for putting a house on auction: Sellers […]

7 Tips for Buying Bank Repossessed Houses in South Africa

Bank repossessed houses may often seem like a double-edged sword for buyers, because while the price may be attractive, the condition of the property can be questionable, and so many people are put off by the risk involved. However, the truth is that there is a degree of risk involved in every property transaction. Bank […]

Opportunity! Retail Property in Cosmo City For Auction

Bidders Choice is thrilled to present an incomplete retail property for auction in Cosmo City with endless possibilities. The land size is a generous 5074m². With this great size, potential buyers can envision their businesses blooming. Couple this with zoning for five storeys, and you’ll have yourself a shopping centre that is a hive of […]

299 Stephenson Street, Pretoria West

Bidders Choice presents a warehouse in Pretoria West with endless possibilities. The property is located at 299 Stephenson Street, and is in the heart of Pretoria’s industrial area. Pretoria West is the ideal location for warehouses, with its industrial surroundings and vibe. Located not far from the N14, Stephenson Street is just a hop and […]

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