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17 Hectares of Prime Land Up for Auction in Irene

We are now auctioning movable property

Calling all industrial companies, start-ups and well established alike, we have the equipment you need. Choose from a range of Excavators, perfect for clearing rubble and setting up building sites. These excavators are also perfect for digging holes or trenches, handling bulk material, work in forestry, demolition and much more. The range also includes Tractor-Loader-Backhoes […]

Property going under the hammer

Bidders Choice is excited to be placing this promising property under the hammer on the 23rd of July! This recently outfitted transport yard has everything you need to get started right away. Located in Welgedacht, Springs it is close to the N12, and therefore all the national highways. This property is primed for growth and […]

Bidders Choice is moving into the MOVABLE space

Bidders Choice has secured the services of a specialist in the mining and earth moving space.   Mr Andre Wait, who is a specialist in Supply Chain and Logistics, has decided to further his career and grab the opportunity at Bidders Choice.   Andre also has a National Higher Diploma in Purchasing Management; With 35 […]

What does it mean for the public if an auctioneer is a member of SAIA

SAIA members are obliged to conduct their affairs in a straight professional and straight forward way at all times. Members are obliged to act with Integrity irrespective of any situation. Members are obliged to act in a consistent manner at all times, which will result in developing and maintaining the good reputation of the auctioneering […]

Why Bidders Choice?

The leadership team at Bidders Choice has invaluable industry experience covering more than 25 years. Add to this, the MD has conducted many property and moveable auctions across the country and in neighbouring African countries which has given him years of knowledge to work with. Because of this experience, the leadership and management at Bidders […]

Fixer-Uppers – To Buy or Not to Buy

Image credit: Stoap Twins When looking at auction houses for sale, it is certainly an interesting study. More and more people are choosing to use auctions as a way to sell their homes – it offers numerous attractive benefits, such as: not waiting months and months for the right buyer; being able to put a […]

Spring is the Time for Buying and Selling Residential Property

Image credit: Sell My House Direct Property Auctioneers Spring is well and truly here in South Africa, and we thought we’d look at why this is the best time of the year for buyers and sellers. For house-hunters, it is a good idea to look at residential properties for sale for numerous reasons, such as […]

The Transfer Process in South Africa

Image credit: Mark Moz via Flickr Whether you have bought commercial land for sale, or purchased a little home in the country, in South Africa, the transfer process can seem a little convoluted at times. It generally takes about three months for a property to be transferred and registered, although this is not a hard-and-fast […]

4 Good Reasons Why You Should Purchase and not Rent

  Image credit: Philly Apt Rentals When looking to move, you might look at places for rent or houses on sale. In South Africa, it can sometimes be a tough decision as to whether or not you should rent or buy – there are advantages and disadvantages to both. Many factors may influence a decision to […]

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